Can A Mum Live Off $5000 while Starting A Blog


So here’s where I’m going to start off,

In September last year I left my job as a Room Leader in an Early Learning Centre to pursue my
career in writing and find my true purpose and passions in life.

First off, this probably wasn’t the best idea.
I left, with $5000 in my house savings account, that I figured I could get by on until
my kids went back to school, and that I’d mysteriously still have enough to live until my writing picks up..

-buzzer- wrong.

Here I am a few months into my journey and well, guess what, I’m flat broke,
I’m talking that whole $5000 that I worked and saved SO hard for,
for like the 3rd time in my life..
slowly drained down to nothing.

Now what??
I don’t know?! Am I failing? Feels like it a little bit.


What would Sami(me) usually do in this situation?

Quit. Give up. Give in to those emotions, feel sorry for myself and cry ..
(ok I did before for like 5 minutes before I pulled myself together),
go out and start looking for a full time job that completely kills my passion for writing?

This time is different, because I need to do this, I need to prove to myself that I
can be persistent and that I can achieve things if I try.
I need to show my children that it’s okay to have struggles in life,
and not have that luxury money to buy them special little treats every week or a slurpee when it’s hot..
I need to show them that you can overcome obstacles, you need to be pro-active,
you need to keep looking forward mentally and move forward through hard times.

And it is so hard, so many times lately I have begun to doubt myself and start
thinking about failing, and when I think about it, these things start to happen.

Change your perspective & Re-focus

So I changed my perspective, from oh no poor me what am I going to do,
And then ask myself, okay what’s next, what do I need to do to get through this,
to fix these money issues I have, there can be a solution so what is it?

Okay so I’m starting to feel a little better, I’m looking up options to pay for the kids school books,
and luckily their school has a great payment plan option for parents.
Using gift vouchers to buy food.. that’s a new one.. but very thankful I was given those vouchers
since they’ve come in handy at a time like this.
Only buying the essentials.
And by the way, my problems are first world problems, I am very aware of this,
there are so many more people with it worse off, and it sucks,
this is why I hope to inspire others, even when you feel like you have nothing left,
no matter where you are from.
do. not. give. up.

Reaching out to family that offer support, great to have there, and I have never been
one to like asking for money since I moved out of home at 18. There’s something about it that makes you feel like..
you’re failing. So you have this huge sense of pride and end up figuring out a way to handle it on your own other
than going to your parents. Go figure.
Great, when you’re really desperate for help, I know my parents will always help me as much as they can. I’m very lucky.


So what am I going to do in a realistic sense?

Yep you heard, though I’ve nearly worked 8-12 hours every day for the last few months
(though it doesn’t FEEL like work as I love it!), so I need to be more prepared.
I need to make a time sheet for every day,
make more use out of my time.
Work on my book more, reach out to more people.
And you have to do all this constantly so people stay attentive and interested..

It is much more work and effort than I originally thought.
There is so much work that goes into just creating your own website..
you will never understand until you have done it yourself haha!

I am also starting to look for a casual job just to help, we are getting by okay but could use the extra funds.

Did I really think I’d be bringing in the big bucks after a few months of setting up my site?

Honestly no, I have read many things that say it takes a lot of time.

So why did this happen?
Well, I didn’t budget properly, and we thought we could afford it on one persons wage,
turns out it was too late before we realised the money was all gone.
There goes any chance of getting that house deposit anytime soon.


Is it possible?

Yes absolutely, but you would have to budget very hard, have pre prepared a lot,
and be prepared to live on the essentials, be focused, motivated,
and not give up when things start getting hard.

Do I plan on making money through my site?

Honestly, no.
The only thing I wanted to make money from was being an Author, selling my own writing.
That is the dream, but if I can make a little extra on the side that would be great.

Is it easy to make money in this industry….

hell no.. umm have you seen how many blogs there are out there?!?!!

Who am I to compare to any of them?

Well.. doesn’t matter. Because for once I’m sticking to my dream, I want to write and sell
my own books to people, and connect with and inspire and empower women and young parents in Australia and around the globe.

I’m going to do everything in my power, and you know what, if I continue to do that with
the passion I have now, there is no way I will fail, because I will never give up until I am satisfied.

When will I be satisfied?
I’m not sure… when I’ve published one book maybe.. maybe 10.. maybe when I have enough to buy a house.. maybe never!

So hopefully, we make it through the next few weeks, and hopefully,
I get this book finished soon and get the word out there.

But you know, I can’t do it without you guys, if no one sees it..
how will anyone know how good it is or know that they NEEEEED to buy it?



My take-away message for today, just be persistent.

Do not give up on what it is you want out of life, you have to keep pushing through!
You will never fail unless you give up, you have the power, be strong.
Keep your head in the game, always focusing on the NEXT MOVE,
especially if you have hit a rough patch, don’t focus on the what, focus on the- what’s our next move.

My next post will be the actual first post, from the beginning of my journey.
What my first moves were, the mistakes, the statistics.
As long as you promise not to laugh k?

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