Can’t seem to put your phone down?

This may be a little(lot) controversial but…

I died recently.

I chose to die. 

Actually, I realised that I’d never been living.

Maybe it’s more the fact that I have made the distinction between living and being alive,
because today I realised that I have been non existent.

Well I’ve decided to choose life.

(This post does not include those who work online).

I had been living, dragging myself along the road, limbs hanging behind me,
trudging through the mud of this earth in a zombie like state for majority of my existence.

What’s it like to merely exist?

To be alive but not really living?

Tell me all about it as you’re staring at your phone,
or maybe I’ll just check your Facebook?

To be unaware that your impact on this world is nothing more than
a name and an occasional friendly face is actually embarrassing.

Who are you? Why are you here? What are you doing here being
alive and breathing in air but not exerting anything of purpose?
Anything beneficial to anyone else but yourself?

You tell me..

We make the world go around. And you can either participate in the
sharing of potential, or you can sit and reep all the benefits this
world has to offer, selfishly, and not do a thing. Watch this world
and time fly by, and cuss out when things don’t go your way.

Before today I had been a silent being. Just going day by day,
doing what I have to do to provide for my children and myself,
what I can for my friends and family by being there for them.
But what good does that do to anyone else?
What good does it even do to me when I’m so consumed?

Read on to understand.

Today I have decided to awaken, become alive, to start living.

We are stuck, with our devices so far in our faces that a
few minutes without our phone and we think we’ve gone blind,
we’ve lost our sense of purpose, all in a little hand held device,
a screen, that houses billions of people, their secrets, opinions, fears.

We may as well all move in together since we know each other so well.

Want to know who’s dating who, who did what, where that person is,
what they look like now.. Just pick up your phone, don’t call them,
because you probably have never even met them, but just go on their profile.
Yep there it is.

Isn’t it crazy to think how much people we have never even layed eyes
on probably know about us and our deepest darkest secrets?
Well they don’t really know us though do they?

Last week I died of embarrassment.

This was when I realised what I’d known all along,
that this social media is ruining lives. My life.

We put so much trust in our phones/devices to be there for us everyday,
as our comfort, our knowledge, our gossip, knowing everything.
We put it all in this device, because we can’t trust actual people.
And why can’t we trust people in the first place? Probably from all
these devices and apps. I guess it’s not as easy to hide now though.

I’m sick of it and I’m so embarrassed.

Don’t like being bullied online?
Then don’t subject yourself to it anymore!
Stop! Don’t let it affect you!

Delete it, delete those negative people you only have on there to lurk.
Why do you do it?

Why? It is consuming us!

What happened to calling your friends on the home phone to listen
to their voice, things they would actually say, get to know the real them?
We’re being deceived because it is all fake.

What is REAL is what we see in front of us, what have you seen today?

Your phone screen? Maybe the TV.. an attractive person or an accident
that happened to draw your attention away from your phone for a few seconds?

How about the sky today? Isn’t it beautiful? Isn’t the world amazing how
although it’s cold the beauty of this world is still breath taking to look at,
how about the trees? Have you noticed that it is autumn yet?
And how beautiful the leaves look in the sunlight when it shows itself?
How the leaves move swiftly in the breeze?

Put down your phone, be alive!

I decided to keep my phone away, to separate my life and my phone,
they are now separate things.

If you lost your phone, would you cope?

Or all your details and photos in there?

Would you ever be able to speak to your friends again?
Or would they think you’re ignoring them?

Sure I have some important things on here,
but the more important things are in my heart,
my head, and in front of my eyes(and in my wallet).

If I lost my phone I know that my real friends would come over looking for me.

Would yours?

Is this a wake up call?

Put down your phone and go for a walk!

Take a walk and LOOK where you are going rather than at
your phone or your feet, take out those headphones,
look at people and smile when you walk past, say good morning,
know your neighbours.

Take deep breaths when you look into the sky,
trust me you won’t regret it.

I have been doing this and I feel wonderful.

I even said good afternoon to an elderly man yesterday and he was actually
surprised that I spoke to him for the first time that he actually came out
of his front lawn to meet and talk to the kids and introduce us to his dogs,
we talked about our days. It was amazing. I couldn’t believe it.
Now we smile and wave and say hello when we walk past to daycare.

I want to live the old way, the best way, stay social, meet REAL people,
in real circumstances, meet a nice boy by chance or fate.
Not through the internet. Honestly.

Choose to start living,

Wake up, live god dammit.

I dare you to step into the real world.

Find yourself. – Mwa


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