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E-Book Coming Soon!

“Disease of the Mind – Anxiety, What if?” by Samantha Fishwick.

Do you feel like anxiety has consumed your whole life?
Do you struggle to see a way out of the darkness that surrounds you?
Are you currently struggling with money, relationships, careers or does your life feel like it's falling apart?
Do you, your children, or someone you care for suffer from anxiety and you're not sure how to help?
Do you feel like things keep getting from bad to worse?
Do you feel like you don't deserve to live?
Do you feel like you're not giving 100% as a parent or lover?
Do you have trouble finding the time to love and care yourself?
Do you struggle with negative thoughts and emotions?
Do you feel like giving up?

Disease of the mind is for you.

This book is written through the eyes of someone who suffered through anxiety, depression and bouts of agoraphobia on and off for over 10 years. This book takes a deep look into all aspects of Anxiety & other mental health conditions that affect our quality of life and also includes insight into spirituality, parenting, and psychic points of view. This book is not from a medical professionals opinion, it is inspired by the voices of those who have personally experienced the ups and downs of these diseases, and how they have conquered the silent diseases of the mind.

It is raw, it is real.
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