How to deal with annoying partners that drive you mad!

Feel like you’re nit picking all the time? Feel like a nagger?
Here I am to save the day! I have created a hateful/grateful list template of my own to help you identify the GREAT(notsogreat) things your partners do, so that every time they begin their annoying habits again, you can look back at your list, laugh and remember the positive side of things.

(download PDF at end of post)

P.s If you didn’t pick up on it yet, this post is humorous. It’s a joke, but unfortunately my list is actually true!


Sure, you probably love your partners to the moon and back, but of course there is going to be some miniscule things they do that absolute drive you nuts!

So, I needed to find a way to show my partner how ANNOYING these things he does can be, and what better way to write a post about it?!

Here’s how to fill out your Hateful/Grateful list:

I’m HATEFUL when he:                              but..  I’m GRATEFUL when:

leaves his clothes all over the floor 😡he looks cute when he complains about having no clean clothes 👌
never asks me to do washing but complains when it’s not done 😡😡he washes his own clothes when he’s desperate  👍
does a load of his own washing and puts 3 things in the machine, then after uses the dryer to dry them..😡his stinky clothes don’t get mixed and washed with mine  👍👍👍
hangs up wet towels over the top of every bedroom door to dry so we can’t shut a single door without having to pull the towel down first 😓they dry in about double the time it would’ve taken me to wash and tumble dry them.. “saving” me money on electricity  👍👍
talks non-stop about crap I couldn’t care less about 😈he pretends to listen to me when I tell him all the important things we have coming up this week that he can’t forget, but does anyway 👌👌
forgets to set or sleeps through his alarms in the morning for work 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡💥💥💣💣he’s always super nice to me when I wake him up.. 💥👍
storms around the house being an angry jerk to everyone when he’s running late for work and has no clean clothes 😡😡💣he always texts/calls and apologises when he gets to there 👍👌
is driving 😨😨he’s very supportive and doesn’t get offended when I cover my eyes the whole trip. What a sweety. 👍💋
rinses the dishes and leaves them in a pile for me to wash 😡😡atleast they’ve been rinsed 👍
The list goes on.. believe me! I would love to hear your thoughts and some of the things that annoy you too!
So are you ready to find out what drives you mad?

To Download Roses Paige’s PDF- Hateful/Grateful List click >> HERE.


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“1- Accepting that you are an annoying partner is the first step.

2- The second step is waiting 6 months and doing absolutely nothing about it!” – Sami (Roses Paige)



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