Find your purpose, change your perspective.

Maybe you’ve been struggling with finding your purpose, why are you here? What can you give the world? What impact do you have?

Here are some powerful words and examples as to how we can see our life from a different perspective.

Life life to the fullest, find your destiny, fulfil your purpose.

Do you ever see the water riveting down the gutters in a stream of bubbling terror before it’s swallowed by darkness, engulfed by the drains and submerged into a sea of its own kind?

Rain takes its own path, every single drop, unanimously free falling out of sync, but in the same direction as the rest. Destination, downwards.

You are the rain.

Each delicate, individual drop hoping to stand out, but when shadowed and spat out by dark clouds then cast among millions of others its purpose and beauty sometimes becomes lost, and it remains rain.

We are all destined to do great things, to live our lives to the fullest and fulfil our purpose (whatever that may be).

We start at the top, being created into tiny little droplets of hope and meaning and form our own perceptions of purpose and direction, some so high that the stars seem almost within our grasp.

But life doesn’t really turn out as we expect it to. 

All of us are unwillingly throttled down and out of our comfort zone in a direction that our dreams were unprepared for.

It’s terrifying free falling into the unknown.

And sure, some of us will land, fulfilling part of our purpose and finding an alternative path that we were intended to, but majority of us will hit the ground hard. 

Although we all fall face first at different times, it’s hard enough to get yourself back up let alone look out for others who are on their way down too. 

Some get so scared that they grasp several others surrounding them in the process only making the downfall quicker and the aftermath more substantial. 

Some look up at the sky not realising that even though the others see you in the depths, struggling, that you’re the only one who can let go to save yourself.

Hitting the ground is never the end!

Stay Positive!

Sometimes we forget that even rains purpose is to fall, but with a little help from other factors it can transform into something greater; hail, snow or ice. None the less, it generally evaporates back up into the sky beginning the cycle again. 

We are all destined to fall, but what we often forget is that by falling, we can land in greater, different things that completely change our perspective on the way the world works, and if not, we work out way back up and start again.

You are never falling alone, and down isn’t such a scary place once you’ve been there before and you’ve learnt to let go and enjoy the ride.

Sometimes we get thrown off by others or even dragged down by those closest to us, it is always unexpected, but when we realise that our lives are constant cycles of unpredictability then maybe we could learn to take in the scenery on the journey down, and stop being so terrified time and time again when things don’t go to plan. 

Don’t fear the unexpected, let it guide you.

Find your purpose, enjoy the journey, go with the ups and downs, change your perspective.


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