Top 20 Cheap Ideas For Womens Birthday’s when in your Late Twenties

Each year you notice that your birthday becomes a little less important.

And then you get asked, “what’re you doing for your birthday?”

“uh, who, me?.. I don’t really do parties anymore.. I’m too old.”
So is it time to break out the party hats?

Top 20 Cheap Ideas For Womens Birthday’s when in your Late Twenties

So I figured, even though I’ll probably end up going to bed early on my birthday, why not suss out what others my age are doing ..

1. Go to dinner << Hands down delish!
2. Go to a concert in Melbourne.

4. Comedy Club – The Comics Lounge Melbourne << Who doesn’t like a laugh.

5. Spa Day Retreat! Who doesn’t love the famous Hot Springs!

7. Karaoke Bar Melbourne.. If I wanted to humiliate myself.. maybe

8. The Thousand steps … umm hell no thankyou, I do not want to be excercising on my Birthday unless it’s by breaking out some dance moves.

9. Go to an Art Gallery, YAWN!
10. Coffee & Cake .. Now this I can do. Trying different slices, cake and coffee yes please! This place looks great, Macaroons!

11. Queen Vic Market Shopping Spree. Gotta love the cheap stuff, and the fooooood! Or hit up the Night Market

12. Hitting the tables at Crown Casino! Or the food, the movies, the shops!

13. Hire a Party Bus & go crazy! To old for this or..?

14. House Party Ideas.. but the clean up..

15. Wine and Cards Against Humanity.. or vodka rather! Lots of fun!

16. Throw a Themed Party.. mmmm you have to have friends for that.
17. Book a last minute get away! You can find some really cheap deals with WOTIF!

18. Movie & Snacks Girls Night In. This would be one of my favourite to do’s, man I really need to get out more!

19. Bowling! Laser Tag! Alcohol! Strike is where it’s at.

20. Sleepover party! Where the best part is that.. you get to SLEEP! #

Chuck in a comment below, what ideas do you have for Birthday Parties in Your Late 20’s?
I would love to hear your ideas!


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