I’m Not Good Enough, I’ll Never Be Loved or Beautiful.

Do you frequently hear yourself saying,

‘I’m Not Good Enough, Noone Will Ever Love Me, I’m so ugly!”..

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you deserve less than you’re worth. THAT INCLUDES YOURSELF!

“Beauty thrives and blossoms within powerful women who understand that the only limits in life are the ones you’ve subconsciously created in your mind.”

It’s okay to have days where you dont ‘love yourself’.

In fact I think the “ultimate guides to happiness” are kind of skewed.

You can be ultimately happy, but let’s be honest, we ARE women….

There are going to be days when our hair looks crap or our makeup sweats off,

when our car breaks down or it’s getting to that time of the month and you just need one of those “feel sorry for myself” days.

Well here, we CELEBRATE these sorry days, because emotions are variable, your state of mind is able to change. And if we don’t feel upset sometimes, how can we measure our happiness?

It’s okay to have a day in bed in your trackies laying around eating icecream and drinking wine.

Accepting your self worth

When you value yourself as a person you disregard other peoples desire to change you,

the need to impress dissappears, the need to justify yourself and your actions.

You disregard the need to depend or rely on others, you become so much stronger and confident in yourself.

What have you noticed about people that are really happy and successful in their lives?

Well I have noticed that most of them, they know the value of themselves, they know their self worth,

they know what they have to offer to the world and are going out and getting it aren’t they?

Do you think they were always like that? You keep telling yourself

“nahh, but they are beautiful that’s why they’re successful, or they must’ve had a big inheritence, they look good so why wouldn’t they love themselves?”

Stop telling yourself that.

Do you think every successful, happy person has had an awesome life?

That none of them were ever bullied, raped, told they were ugly, felt self consious or low.. that none of them ever hit rock bottom or felt depression or anxiety.. that none of them were ever in a position where they thought they were worth nothing.. were dumped.. heart broken..


Everyone has been in the same situation as you probably are right now. Especially me!

You can own your self worth, you can be confident and love yourself, even if right now you don’t think you can.

“But how can I be happy when I don’t love myself?”

Answer these questions:

Why don’t you love yourself?

Are these opinions ones you have formed on your own, or from words or opinions of others?

Why do you have these opinions of yourself?

Has something happened in the past that has made you think or feel this way about yourself?

Can you remember a time when you felt really happy? When and why was that?

Do you constantly talk down on yourself when you look in the mirror or to your friends/family?

Do you spend hours over analyzing yourself or your body pointing out flaws you see?

Maybe you get upset because someone doesn’t like you or doesn’t want to be your friend because of how you look?

Maybe you’ve been stuck in a really bad relationship where you have been

treated like a piece of crap.. this can have a big impact on your self worth-

especially if it seems to have happened to you on more than one occasions.

It is so hard to build yourself back up once you have forgotten your self worth!

So so hard, and if you’re reading this I commend you because you’re doing the

right thing by looking up ways to improve your life!

Good job girl, this is what I’m here for.

Maybe you’ve had a family member or a friend tell you you’re not good enough,

or maybe they made you feel worthless.

Well despite that, it’s happened and where we are NOW is important.

I want you to forget the past, forget what’s happened to you, forget how you’ve been hurt, forget the negative thoughts for a second.

Focus on right now, now you are reading this, how are you feeling now?

Still worthless? Like nothing you read will help.. why are you here and reading this then?

Of course I’m going to be nice, but if I’m writing in capitals, I am trying to get a point across very much so,

and it may be because I might think you’re doubting yourself again.. and how do I know?


If you are still doubting, stop, start being positive right now.

In your mind read this.. I mean it.. don’t skip it. Just read it and let it mull.

“I choose right now to take in these words, to believe the truth in them, that I am just starting my journey,
it is not going to be easy, I will doubt myself, I will have set backs, but when I feel myself start falling into old,
self destructive habits, I am going to replace them with good habits.
When I start criticising myself in the mirror, I will immediately recognise it and STOP.
I will tell myself I don’t have to think like that. I will replace it with a positive remark, I own my self worth.
I will not drag myself down, I am a good person, I will not let other people or my mind define who I am,
what I’m worth, or what I should be. I am in control of myself, my body, my mind, my actions, my thoughts,
and I choose to control them positively, I choose to not let negativity affect me. It may not happen straight away,
but I will keep repeating these things to myself until I know for a fact that they are true.”


Here’s where you get excited.. are you excited?

I’m actually grinning right now, knowing that if one single person reads this and sticks too it,

that they will be confident and know their value and self worth.. and that thought is so bloody

exciting because I tell ya, there is nothing more powerful than being in charge of yourself!

It is difficult to master, being confident without being overly confident,

I feel like I’m “pretending” to be confident sometimes (because I have always been self consious about my looks),

but I don’t care, you gotta have that attitude, the;

“Watch me live my life glamorously,

I don’t rely on or need anyone but myself.” Attitude.

You ARE worth it, and even if you don’t believe it yet.. atleast you know I do, I am gunning for you,

go out there and get what you deserve.

Small Steps, Big Changes.

Making small steps is what it’s all about, none of this TAKE THE LEAP crap.

Sometimes it’s appropriate to take a leap, but when it comes to your mind, your body,

and having control over yourself and your thoughts, you don’t really want to go all in if you’re terrified and it will set you back a few more weeks.

We can save the BIG LEAPS for later.

What Are Some Small Steps I can Take To Loving Myself?

1. Cut out the toxic, poisonous snakes in your life, they take you of track and sting you when you’re down.

2. Surround yourself with positivity, positive people who are moving forward in their own journey in life.

3. Surround yourself with love, with people who only want to uplift you, not drag you down!

4. Be around like-minded people who challenge and inspire you to be a better person in every area.

5. These people are GOLD, they will truly lend you a hand in your darkest days.

6. You deserve the best of friends, if they’re treating you otherwise, it might be time to #breakthoselinks

7. Trust yourself, you’re worth it.

Loving & Accepting Yourself

Accepting and loving yourself doesn’t always mean that you have to look

in the mirror and say “I’m beautiful” and start believing it..

though this does help.. I feel that accepting and loving yourself has

much more to do with who you are as a person than the way you look.

Looks aren’t everything, and if we were all stripped down to our personalities, how many friends do you think you would have?


I was thinking yesterday, what if there was no such thing as mirrors or reflections..

if we had never truly seen what we look like through another persons eyes, (just go with it), you would simply go off what other people tell you..

But how would you really know? You wouldn’t and I don’t think you would mind as much,

if you didn’t know, then it would be easier to form connections based on interests and

build strong friendships based on our personalities, wouldn’t that be nice.

You are so much more than your reflection in the mirror…

I have personally struggled with my image and body for a very long time, but in saying that

I completely love myself! I know I’m an awesome person! Because I choose to believe it.

I choose to be the way I am. I choose to live happily, I choose to love myself as a person.

Because if I don’t love who I am, I’m going to constantly second guess and doubt myself,

which will in turn present issues in relationships or friendships because I don’t

think I’m good enough or worth it.. That there might be someone better.

We need to learn things that are in our control and those which are not.

People is one of them.

Want to know what you can control?

You. Your mind. Your life. Your purpose. Your destiny.

Crazy right.. Who knew you were in charge of all of that.

But in saying that, we are also in control of what we say, what we put into our bodies, our actions.

So why are we obsessed with trying to change things that are out of our control?

Maybe we feel like we, ourselves, are not in control of our own lives.
Maybe your parents have rules on you, maybe other people outcast you in a friendship group and now you’re lonely..
or maybe something horrible happened in the past which forces you to constantly relive it and get down in the dumps.


See, this is where we need to see, that these last few things, are things that have happened

due to things that are out of our control- I.e being born into a family with protective parents,

the actions of so called “friends”.. we can’t change what others do.

But we can control how you react to the situation, what you say to your “Friends” in this situation,

how you speak to your parents or treat them, how you react when you’re frustrated or angry.

Self Control is a topic we can touch on later.


When you acknowledge your self worth anyone who opposes you has already lost the war. It’s like fighting a losing battle.

Your armor is too thick, you are too strong to let anything penetrate that wall. When you start to believe it, and believe in yourself, others will too.

Everyday- we should be telling ourselves what we deserve in life, how you deserve to be treated, what you want out of life- go over your goals, how are you going to achieve the life you want?

Start planning today.


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