Outcasts of todays society – Unmask Your True Self

Being afraid to openly express yourself as a teenager it’s hard.

So many people judge you, it’s not like when youre an adult,
you have to see these kids every fricken day! .. for years! ( I guess work counts though right?)
Making one “mistake” as a teen can cause your life to turn to crap over night.

As you get older, you become wiser, but majority of us are still struggling with who we are, what we’re doing here,
what job/career path we should take, all whilst worrying about what our co-workers think, what others our age think,
what other “parents” will think, how to be the best parent or girlfriend.

We try and fit ourselves into this category, and you know, it actually doesn’t really exist.
It’s called “perfection”

So many people have perfected the “look” of their lives, so that others dont judge you too harshly, they see your outer
shell- of this perfect person and life you’re trying to portray.

Tell me, why is it so important to fit in?
Afraid of being outcasted into society and labelled accordingly?

If we lived in a world where everyone supported you in every aspect of your life and built you up to be someone of success and importance, answer this,
what would you start doing today?

Would you continue to live life the same, following others peoples ideas of a “perfect life” or would you take
the chance and be yourself to the fullest.. because everyone agrees with you and supports you and thinks you’re great?

I probably would, noone to oppose you right?

So let me ask now, why are you trying to fit in with other peoples view of perfect?

Take control of your life and start un-masking TODAY.

1) What do you want out of your life?

This always changes as we grow older and wiser, what stage are you at in your journey?

Maybe you’re in your teens and you’re focusing on exams, considering uni’s,
or maybe you really want to date that guy, or get that dream job.
Either way, if you are not truly being you, then you’re most likely setting
yourself up for a mediocre, averagely satifsying life.

“I hide who I am, I don’t want to be judged for being different”

Let me give some examples here,
For me, I was too afraid to tell people what music I was into, because it was very different to a lot of girls at my school.

“I wanted piercings and tattoos, to sing in a band or do broadway.. writing or acting.. where as every
other girl my age wanted to be a fashion designer, lawyer, graphic designer, teacher..”

I dropped out of school after year 11, I was scared to be different and to fail
in my chosen area, not many people make it in those industries right?
I left my dreams behind at highschool, and pursued a normal job that I wasn’t passionate about.

I didn’t know how to act as a teen, I felt like I was being criticised by everyone.

“I was very emotional and didn’t know how to be myself in a world thats definition of perfect is so skewed.”

So I shut off, I made friends outside school who “Accepted” me, my interests,
they never judged the way I wanted to look and encouraged me to be myself.

But when I was around other people who I felt judged me (everyone else) I began to put on a mask,
and I never really felt like I fit in, it made my adolescent years very difficult.

How our generation dramatically changed.

Nowadays, there are a lot more “clicks” which I think is good in a few ways, but bad in others.
These “clicks” give teens so many different ways to express themselves and their individuality – it is easier to find friends who accept you and have similiar interests.

Bad side: you get labelled, and you sometimes get caught up in it, and start to accept the label that other people give you.

What we need to do is stop labelling one another.
Why? Because everyone changes, the world changes, something that once was, isn’t always.

The whole labelling thing can be dangerous, it limits you to a category.

We are not categories, we are individuals, you don’t need to be defined
by anyone but yourself!

So are you ready? Who are you? What do you like?

A song just came on, and I nearly changed it out of habit.
Do you change the music depending on who’s around?
Do you turn it down when people sit next to you on the train, or pull up next to you at the traffic lights?

Screw Society! Screw those randoms opinions of your music taste, don’t be ashamed.

Stop stopping yourself from doing these little things..
Stop changing the way you dress in fear of judgement.

I have always wanted to wear those cute choker necklaces for example, but I get nervous (dont ask why) some how because I’m a mum
with tattoos and piercings, that people will judge me for wearing one?? So silly! Screw it, I’m going to do it. And I’m going to shamelessly post 4930845 pictures of myself wearing one! haha! #shameless #shamelesslyme

Maybe you’ve been afraid to voice your opinion in fear of scrutiny?

Well guess what hunny, we are all entitled to an opinion – if someone disagrees.. not the end of the world. Move along.

The first way to un-mask yourself,
are you ready?

Stop altering small parts of yourself, your personality, your values,
and your looks to fit the criteria of others perception of “perfect”.

Be you, shamelessly.

Try and start today.
How to start being YOU today – Small Steps

Send in a pic holding a sign and hashtag #shamelesslyme #noshame #unmasked

and send it in to [email protected]
to be featured on this page!
Join the movement 🙂



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